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Adulting Out In Perth Review - ★★★★1/2

Adulting is storytelling through song, comedy and a hint of impromptu audience participation.

Tash York has a beautiful singing voice and intriguing comical adult stories to tell throughout Adulting; a comedy cabaret.

Deeply personal experiences are revealed, recounted and injected with priceless one-liners and comical insights.

York’s vocal calibre explores notions of adult life interweaved with real-life adult experiences via song interpretations and lyric reimaginings. Accompanied by dramatic keyboard and occasional comic relief via Jamie Burgess.

Adulting explores the expectations, anxieties and shared human experiences of trying to be an adult, at any age; not only millennials.

Tash will have you relating and laughing to these shared human experiences. Storytelling, song and comedy overlap. 90s ballads, rap, Disney tunes, contemporary R&B are overlaid with new vocal narratives and meanings.  Nursery rhymes are transformed into rap mashups, delivering the reality of adult life vs the fantasy of childhood.

Adulting explores the occasional life lessons we gain on this sometimes bumpy adult terrain. Adulting explores the journey, expectations and irony of being an adult in today’s new world through comedy and song.

The reality of being an adult in a world filled with tinder, overpriced housing, being time poor, me time masturbation, shared housing hysterics, career choices, children, financial regrets, life choices, subverting consumerism, inappropriate Instagram hashtags, drunk selfies on Facebook, Walt Disney.  “In a world where they swipe right to find me” of course keeping busy busy busy is very adult.

Tash York has a majestic vocal range and vocal dexterity to move from pop to rap to a ballad in a single bounce. York is a talented vocalist with the ability to deliver comedy on top.

We hear new vocal narratives to the tunes of Destiny’s Child – Say My Name and I’m A Survivor, Nick Lowe’s – Cruel To Be Kind, Ace of Base’s – All That She Wants, Haddaway’s – What Is Love, Roberta Flack’s – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Rozalla’s – Everybody’s Free, Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby, Disney’ tunes and When You Wish Upon a Star amongst numerous great re-imagined renditions by Tash delivered with sparkling energy; accompanied by Jamie on the keys.

Adulting is excruciatingly relatable to our shared human experiences, intergenerational, these personal tales will reverberate with most adults.

Adulting reminds us that we all share similar struggles trying to be adult at any age, struggling is sometimes okay; make a song from it. “You have to adult the F@*k to produce your own show”

We are assured by Tash’s journey and the life lesson learnt, is to be the best version of adults we can be.

The wisdom of knowing yourself, through this adult journey.

“The only thing I’d be best of; is myself”.

Tash is an immensely talented vocalist and entertainer, with a hilarious wit and humour, delivering comedy and music as only Tash York, can do.

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