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Have you ever asked yourself, am I living my life right? Tash York has. 
Now she's going through the crossroads moments of her life to see what she could have done better. Armed with her ability to make bad choices & overthink everything, Tash is exploring the crossroads moments in her life from nearly getting married at 19 to changing her job from Call Centre Manager to Cabaret Wineo. Now in her mid 30’s she’s staying up till 5am, can’t keep a houseplant alive and can’t work out how to spell glamorous without singing the Fergie song.

In this original comedy cabaret find out why living life the hard way is always the most fun!  Think BenDeLa Creme crossed with Bette Midler… but on a budget! 

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Tash york's Happy HouR

Tash York is determined to find out what makes us happy. 

Celebrated with countless awards and glowing reviews, Happy Hour combines Drag and Cabaret in a way unlike any other - Think Amy Winehouse meets Bianca Del Rio but on a budget!

Backed by her boozy music makers The Red Red Wines (Peppy Smears & Vivian Fonteyn) expect 3-part harmonies, hilarious true stories, improvised numbers and of course Australia’s favourite game - Goon-of-Fortune!  


Have you transcended your previous self? No, neither has Tash York, but it seems that despite not being quite as destructive as her early 20s wine-fuelled self she still has a very close relationship with wine. Join award-winning internationally touring cabaret artist Tash York as she takes you through an hour of acknowledging one's feelings about getting older, practicing yoga hungover, owning cats and drinking wine without judgement. And yes, she can still confirm that : these things take wine!

Come and practice your winefulness. Namaste.

Tash York Winefulness - photo by Alexis
Badass Online Rectangle - Alexis Desauln


My latest show which debuted at the Melbourne Cabaret Fringe Festival at the wonderful Butterfly Club. There will be some development on the show later this year and then plans for the show to tour to MICF, Adelaide and Perth Fringe for 2018. A show relating to the issues of what "growing up" means nowadays.


This fierce trio comprising of Natasha York, Belinda Hanne Reid and Ashy Rose, the show was developed in June 2015. The girls have recently got back from a sell-out season at Edinburgh Fringe 2016. The show toured to sold out shows in Adelaide, Perth Fringe and MICF in 2017. 


Whether it's wielding a bat to the patriarchy, challenging life's norms, or just cussing like a sailor, Tash York is on a spiritual journey to find her inner Badass.

Loud, tough, powerful and uncompromising, these are the powers a true badass does possess.

If you've ever had a panic attack while having sex, been overly emotional in a children's film or just think way too much about stationery - then this show is for you!


A show about life, pre-drinks, nights out, dirty karaoke, nuggets in your bra and everything in between. Since its development in Aug 2014, this show has played at The Buttefly Club, Brisbane Powerhouse, Alex Theatre, The Vanguard (SYD) and Ballarat Cabaret Festival. 

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