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Girls dressed as boys, using techniques for picking up women to pick up men... while wearing pink beehives - Got it? If not, perhaps you’d better consult Melbourne’s hottest cabaret trio The Desperettes in their highly acclaimed show “A Lady’s Guide to the Art of being a Wingman”.


If you’re not familiar with the term “Wingman” it is simply a name for the person who helps you out when approaching potential partners. Originating from the movie Top Gun this term is usually reserved for guys, however, Melbourne’s newest cabaret trio The Desperettes are adopting these techniques and applying them to the modern lady. Their new show A Lady’s Guide to the Art of being a Wingman will take you on a hilarious and eye-opening night out which includes pick-up lines, daggy dancing and that all-important first move.


In this hilarious show, these girls defy gender as they highlight not only how ridiculous the world of dating has become, but also the gender stereotypes associated with it.


The Desperettes feature Daisy (Belinda Hanne Reid), Delilah (Lisa Woodbrook) and DeeDee (Natasha York), the three of whom studied together at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, majoring in a Bachelor of Musical Theatre. Expect impressive vocals and tight 3 part harmonies as these girls sing a huge soundtrack of popular songs including Destiny’s Child, Mark Ronson and Salt n Pepa, all with a big pink beehive twist!

The girls have toured to Melbourne Fringe, Perth Fringe, Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Townsville, Brisbane and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 


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