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Having a bad day? Just got dumped? Already hungover?


Many of us can probably recall – albeit hazily – some tales of misadventure while under the influence, but few of us would be prepared to share them with the masses. Through cabernet*, Natasha York tells her stories from pre-drinks to police encounters, chicken nuggets in bras, hijacking buskers, and everything in between to show us why we should celebrate – and not wine* about our drunken experiences.

Fighting off the “Party Girl Gone Bad” title can be difficult, so York seeks to find out why we each share such a special relationship with our beloved vino through the good and the bad.

Featuring new arrangements from artists best enjoyed with wine including Nancy Sinatra, Amy Winehouse and Nina Simone.


WARNING: *There are also heaps of terrible wine puns… 


“York sings like a goddess, this lady has divine vocal ability, she plays the perfect part of the drunken diva; sexy, and sharp she is a splendid performer" – Melbourne arts fashion


“Not only can the girl sing, but she is extremely intelligent with her comedy: A night of top notch entertainment!” – Theatre People


This show has featured at Brisbane Wonderland Festival 2014, Melbourne Cabaret Festival 2015, Ballarat Cabaret Festival 2015, Adelaide Fringe 2016, Perth Fringe World 2016 where it was awarded 2nd Runner up for Best Cabaret. 

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