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Need help nailing that parody song? Want help to generate ideas for your upcoming show? Need some fresh eyes on making your current work ... work?

I'm here to help!


Show Creation

Got and idea but have no idea how to get it off the ground. As someone who has created, self produced and toured my work all over the world, I love to help people take their work from a wildly outrageous dream to reality! I love conceptualising ideas, and have written 5 solo shows that have won awards across every major fringe festival in Australia.

Want to have someone to bounce ideas off?

Have a collection of ideas/songs but no idea how to make it into a show?

Have a show idea, but need a collection of ideas and songs?

Need some tips on the balance between producing and creating? 

I'm your gal! 

Lyrics and Parody

I love to parody! 
In fact I've built a career on it. 


There are so many things that make a good parody, and I absolutely love working with people to help make sure their message gets across. With some absolutely cracking jokes too! Whether it's starting from scratch, revamping your current work or maybe you don't have the time and need me to take care of it .... let me help!

Remaking Work

You've made something but you know there was a great STONKING pandemic in the way and maybe it needs a refresh? Or it's a show you made for a different reason or season and you want to bring it back! 

Let's work together and give it new life. 

I also love working with variety shows that need a through-line, or helping a few performers come together to make something new and unified.

We can do it on your time frame, with your ideas, just think of me as Patrick Swayze and we're in that scene from ghost.  Let's figure it out together. 
I got you. 

Marketing and Publicity Cheerleader!

I love love love to help people feel like they can do the damn thing! 

Sometimes in this industry you just need a cheerleader to tell you everything is going to be alright. Or just to have a creative check in to help you with your overall plan to do the thing. Sometimes this is as simple as having some one to chat to regarding your marketing, publicity and producing. 

I've been self producing for over 5 years, with sell out shows across Australia and Edinburgh. I made so many mistakes when I first started out, so please learn from me. I am happy to listen, to chat or to offer my thoughts.


I can teach you the ways of online ads, budgeting, planning social media posts or even how to reach out and get reviews! We can catch up for coffee, or zoom dranks and just talk shop.

Go team go! Get in touch! 


Let's Work Together!

I'm an independent artist too, I am happy to work with your budget and on your time frame. Need to pay after a season is completed? No worries? Wanting to trade skills - I'm open! Let's do the thing - the first step is just to reach out. 

Thanks for submitting!

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