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Why be a basic bitch when you can be a Petty Bitch?

Award Winners? Check !

Internationally Acclaimed? Check !

Sold out shows? Check !

Massive Idiots? Check !


Pettiness is not an attitude it’s a way of life and this masterclass ran by comedy cabaret powerhouses Tash York and Boo Dwyer is exactly what you need to make sure this is the case. Unlike most self-help programs that focus on what makes us better, “Petty Bitches” is here to focus on what makes us petty… but better than the rest!


Sick of Tony at work eating your bloody sandwich? Don’t want to face the middle seat of a plane again due manspreading and armrest territory wars? Can’t face another empty toilet roll left on the holder? Well, the Petty Bitches are here to help you leave your troubles behind, with this short course of how to out petty the competition. Expect songs, games and too many hilarious relatable situations that will get your petty senses tingling!


Having met on a Gluttony Wine tour, hung out at the Edinburgh Fringe and partied down in Melbourne and Adelaide, these two cabaret idiots decided to write a show together. This has been done via Skype from two different states and with intermittent wine tours… Ahhh workshops… whilst visiting from their other touring work. Boo Dwyer has had huge success with her cult hit duo "Titty Bar-Ha-Ha" and is a seasoned comedian, cabaret star and all round excellent human!

Don’t miss out on your chance to catch these two at festival, comedy night or conference near you!

For Booking Enquiries Contact :

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