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Tickets on sale now for the world prememiere  


Have you ever asked yourself, am I living my life right?
Tash York has. 
Join her as she explores why sometimes taking the hard way is always the most fun! 


Armed with her ability to make bad choices and ability to overcomplicate anything, Tash York has asked herself this more times then she’s said yes to a bottle of wine on a Tuesday.. 

Now in her mid-30s Tash is discovering that maybe falling in love with yourself is more important than doing what you’re supposed to do… although she probably should have worked out how to spell glamorous without singing the Fergie song by now…

“Love that for you” explores the crossroads moments in her life from nearly getting married at 19 to changing her job from Call Centre Manager to Cabaret Wineo and despite now being married to a man still remains a proud Bi-Sexual woman. She’s changing hair colours, buying cats, staying up til 5am and is pretty sure that if she can’t keep a houseplant alive, it’s probably not a good idea to have a baby…

In this all original comedy cabaret backed by her singers and music makers The Red Red Wines (Peppy Smears & Vivian Fonteyn). 

 Think BenDeLa Creme crossed with Bette Midler… but on a budget! 

7PM  | FEB 9TH & 10TH 


6PM  | FEB 27 - MAR 3 

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