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Natasha has been ballooning at kids parties and coprorate events for years. She has over 50 designs up her sleave including Flowers, Monkeys, Penguins, Fish, Spiders, Octopus', Balloon Hats, Wands, Dinosaurs and much much more. 

With experience from doing kids parties she can complete over 15 complicated designs and hour, and up to 40 simple designs. 

She can come as herself or in costume including clown, fairy or superhero!


Being the eldest child Tash is no stranger to looking after kids!


This has naturally progressed into her career as a kids party host which has seen her don all sorts of characters including Fairies, Princess Belle, Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, Jedi Knights and even Cat in the Hat! 



Natasha loves to engage kids in fun and adventure and will have them captivated from the moment she walks through the door. 



Spiderman, Batman, Rainbow Butterflies and even Frozen, Natasha has a swag of face painting designs to please even the most fussy of little faces. 

With her own table, chairs and face painting kit she can set up anywhere to ensure that everyone looks amazing! Don't forget the glitter! 

She also has a glitter tattoo kit which is a hit for those kids who are perhaps a little too "COOL" for facepainting!

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