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Adulting : All Over Adelaide Review ★★★★★

From the moment Tash York walked into the room, her presence was a light bulb illuminating us with her radiance.

Beginning with a humorous song to the tune of Survivor by Destiny’s Child, Tash’s dynamic voice and vivacious personality filled the room, creating immediate and fervoured anticipation for the rest of the show. We were all hooked and we were not disappointed.

Moving through a variety of songs interspersed with stories, we gained an insight into Tash’s life and an understanding of the term ‘adulting’ in its quintessential sense.

Hearing fairy tales with a modern twist performed in a rap style, was a particular highlight and executed with humour and panache. The rap style was reprised later in the show with a hilarious and clever improvisation of an audience member’s life story, delivered faultlessly.

Tash’s formal musical theatre training underpinned her enunciation, stage presence, technical ability and all round class and polish. Clarity of acoustics and volume level were also spot on.

The majority of the songs and stories ranged between humorous and outright hilarity, with one powerful and moving exception. A tribute to Tash’s mother was poignant, sensitive and beautiful, creating tangibly felt goose bumps across the audience.

In Tash’s own words, “At least wine brings happiness”. Well, so does this show. A must see.


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