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Adulting Review : Theatre People MICF ★★★★★

Tash York’s Adulting comes to the The Butterfly Club during the MICF, for an evening of hilariously innovative comedy cabaret fuelled by extremely relatable anecdotes about adult life as a millennial in 2018. Tash had me laughing constantly throughout the entire show as she spills her various life fails to the intimate audience; (I would say life ‘lessons’ but as she points out a few times in the show, she hasn’t learnt from her mistakes). Tash opens the show and makes her intentions for the evening clear as she shares with us the most ‘adult’ thing she’s done recently. This being purchasing a sequin throw pillow for her bed – adulting. However then proceeding to draw a penis in the sequins and put in on Instagram – almost adulting. As the show progressed it became clear that Tash York was simply laying bare everything that most people in their twenties, including myself, think and do on a daily basis with much of the hilarity stemming from observational humour. Why is everyone my age getting married and having babies? When I can barely make it through the week because I’ve drank my money and spent more time looking at Instagram than I have actually sorting my life out. Fortunately for all of us in the same boat who are struggling to grow up and make it as an adult, Tash York has devised an effortlessly seamless comedy show to embody our everyday downfalls. From naughties R & B to classic Disney hits (Disney being the core reason why we have unrealistic expectations as adults) Tash has lyrically reworked some time honoured tracks to poignantly reflect the daily struggles of adulthood.

It’s also refreshing to watch a performance which incorporates such a range of theatrical elements, all of which were executed to such a high standard; the songs could stand alone, as could the writing as a piece of stand up comedy but combined they make for one of the best shows I’ve seen in Melbourne. With only a pianist, microphone and sleeping bag to accompany her on stage Tash is well rehearsed and clearly a seasoned professional when it comes to performing in front of a live audience. From a theatrical perspective Tash was completely present for the entire show, allowing herself room to improvise and connect with the audience. As with any good show there were clear philosophies and intent behind the humour which effectively held the piece together; along with a well timed and touching tribute to her mum which grounded the audience for a moment. In a world of selfies, tinder, social media, binge drinking and junk food Adulting is hilariously real.  It’s a must see!


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