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Adulting Review Upside News: ★★★★★

Adulting is the brainchild of dynamic cabaret performer Tash York.  There was a part of me that didn’t want to like this show, because its relatability would remind me of how much I, myself, actually suck at ‘adulting’, but I couldn’t help but love it!

York is completely endearing, engaging and believable.  Right from the start, she takes us on a laugh-out-loud journey through song, capturing her sheer reluctance to move into adulthood.

The way she plays with modern, pop-culture anthems and moulds them to fit her experience is brilliant.  From the nineties classics, such as Ace of Bass’ All That She Wants, to the more contemporary tunes of Bruno Mars and a hilarious Disney medley, York’s playful take on the lyrics will have you in stitches.

She couldn’t be more relatable if she tried, commenting on the range of adult ‘woes’, covering everything from parking fines to the crazy world of dating.  In addition to her comic flair, York also shows a unique vulnerability, making her all the more mesmerising.

York’s vocals are outstanding, and she is well supported by her accompanist who picks up fabulously of the comic cues of his leading lady and the audience.

Adulting was such a fabulous surprise, and for anyone who has ever struggled with any aspect of growing up and facing the inevitability of ‘adultdom’, it is completely and utterly relevant.  This is a must-see show of the Fringe season!

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Photo by Alexis Desaulniers-Lea Photography


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