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Adulting: Top shelf, fun and entertaining cabaret.

“Growing up is hard”. So is top shelf, fun and entertaining cabaret – and even if Tash York - Entertainer’s narration suggests her ongoing struggle with “Adulting” is not always (often?) successful, it's lead to a great hour of show. The writer-performer starts from a self-created new word (meaning “the process of doing grown up things”), and promptly incriminates herself to (and in) show she’s not there yet. Delivers everything the ads are promising (big hair, booming voice and, yes, rap). It’s also full of wit, un-preachy and likable (though cutting) attitude and opinion, and perfectly placed, non-soap opera moments of the deeply personal and poignant. Bouncing along beautifully with her piano man/ show traffic cop Jamie Burgess, and running with cabaret staples (songs as originally written, music tunes with new words, and blending songs into the narrative)... That are promptly Tash-ified with “My Life” tales of mis-adventure and twists of plot and caret "ah-ha, we know what's coming next". Funny and entertaining, as well as thoughtful, sometimes dirty, and gloriously over-sharing with just the right tone: this ain’t no Disney Princess/Walt Disney Productions fairy tale unfolding at the wonderful Butterfly Club. It’s better and, most importantly, it’s also great fun. York can, and should be proud of “Adulting”, which needed no drummer on a well attended opening night full of long, loud applause. #Adulting #TashYorkInit #MelbCabaretFringe Melbourne Cabaret Fringe at The Butterfly Club: 11-16 July 2017

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