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Badass - Upside News ★★★★★

There can be no doubt, Tash York is a powerhouse. Her 2018 Fringe show, Adulting, was fabulous and she has continued to deliver the goods in 2019 with Badass.

She is a commanding presence and right from the opening number York not only asserted herself on stage, but she had every single one of us with her; completely and utterly along for the ride.

York reflected on her own childhood and her desire to unleash her inner badass through her tomboyish ways. From there, she compels the audience to see that we all have a badass within us from the small things we do each day – whether it be dodging a parking fine or scanning with confidence at the Kmart self service tills. York skilfully takes popular songs and makes them her own. Her story is so relatable it had me audibly squealing in affirmation more than once.

York’s voice is stellar to say the least, belting out Queen and Aretha with boldness and sass. She was ably supported by a great band who complements her, but allows her to shine. York’s connectedness with the audience is evident through her ability to feed off the crowd and mould songs to suit her purpose.

Badass is hilarious, there’s no doubt about it, but York delicately navigates the world of anxiety and mental illness through her show, once again reinforcing her relatability, as well as accentuating her endearing vulnerability.

Tash York is vivacious, charming and deservedly received a standing ovation for her performance. If my inner Badass was not fully unleashed within the fifty minutes of her show, then the climatic final number certainly brought it out. This is a must see this Fringe season!


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