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Badass - We Know Melbourne ★★★★★

Badass is a new comedy cabaret creation from the mind of Tash York (Desperettes, Adulting, These Things Take Wine) – it’s loud, in your face and straight up fun. Through the power of parody and clever lyrical mash ups, Tash brings her audience on her own personal journey of being (or becoming) a badass – which turns out to be a sweet rollercoaster of emotions touching on real life mental health issues, bullying (and consequently standing up for yourself), love lost and found. Not too heavy and not too light.. as they say, just right.

Like many good shows, Tash connects with her audience through ‘me too’ (not #metoo) moments, like feeling as though you’ve really got your life together when you’ve stocked up on organising-type stationary at your local Officeworks, or somehow racking up an unimaginable amount of unpaid parking fines.

Like many great shows, Badass ends with a bang – a Rage Against the Machine (or the patriarchy.. am I right ladies…) singalong which everyone more than enthusiastically joined in with fervour.

Tash is personable, relatable, warm and hilarious, a raw confident talent has a voice like Aretha Franklin, she has a real knack for commanding a stage – balancing between scripted comedy and on the spot improvisation.

Badass is a class act packing a real punch and has you wishing the show would never end.

As always, five stars.


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