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Badass - Weekend Notes ★★★★★

Unless you've been living under a rock throughout the last couple of Fringe seasons, you'll have seen this certain m*****-fkn goodess by the name Tash York floating around in the Gluttony / Adelaide Fringe realm.

Coming in strong with her brand new show Badass, Tash York takes her audience on a journey towards understanding, appreciating, and accepting the levels of badassery that is possessed by each and every single person in the room. Don't believe it that you've got it in you? Well, just you wait till you're in the same room with York.

Dressed for the part, York appeared on stage sporting a hairdo that screamed 'quintessential cabaret queen style', complemented by a bombtastic red suit, and finished it off with envious shiny gold boots. Safe to say that I questioned my sexuality for a hot minute!

York's life is nothing less of a never-ending adventure. She talks about some very real adulting woes that most of us can relate to, in a heartbeat. Everything from broken hearts, huge parking fines (we're talking over $20,000!), debt figures that we only thought existed in those sci-fi TV / movie universes, to our ever-growing hatred for all the bullies who made life at school truly miserable. Like a game of ping pong, York gives us a glimpse into her whirlwind of a life, which has taught her many a lesson, whilst also helping shape her to become the gorgeous, badass soul that she is today.

York may be fabulous A.F. at cabaret, but if you've never heard her sing, then you're missing out, big time! Singing anything and everything from R&B to pop to rock to soul, York is the entire package as a vocalist. Just when you thought York couldn't surprise you (and your ears), she takes it up a notch by performing her unique renditions of well-loved songs, such as Crazy in Love by Beyoncé, Crazy by Britney Spears, and Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera (to name a few).

Of course, we get introduced to an alter-ego that, I believe, exists in pretty much anyone who could consider themselves human - "Trash Talk". If you can decipher from the name, then you'll know that she is none other than the inner voice within all of us, who tries to put us down by making us vulnerable at its worst.

But of course, between all the catchy tunes with the relatable lyrics and the versatile levels of badassery that the audiences are blessed with, York reserves something deep, special, and meaningful towards the end of her show and it revolves around a certain Nigel. There is a whole new platform of strength, persistence, love, heartbreak, and a growing cocoon of confidence that erupts in the process and you don't see it coming, because it hits you like a train. It made me tear up with sadness, but also with pride about how open York was about her vulnerabilities, but also how she survived that period and was there with us in that beautiful space, blessing us with her presence. Having shared a somewhat similar struggle to York, the feelings around self-worth and confidence motivated me to rethink my strategy and practise a bit more self-love (and a bit less self-hate). Unrelentingly, she saves the best for last and ends the note on a super high note, that may as well have echoed through the CBD!

York is a force to be reckoned with. The woman can SING to a level that can move mountains (yes, really)! She is open about mental health and uses the power of cabaret, music, and performance to break the stigma around its discussion. She is able to create original and authentic content inspired by real-life events, which are then weaved together to produce foot-tapping tunes that might as well make their way on Spotify (hint hint). But most importantly, Tash York is a m*****-fkn badass!

You'd be committing a crime if you don't go and watch Tash York: Badass at this year's Adelaide Fringe - so do what you can to add that extra bit of sparkle, glam, and badassery by watching York blow your mind away with killer vocals and a fantastic stage presence.


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