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Updated: Sep 5, 2017

These Things Take Wine is for anyone who’s ever had a drink, been hung over, made questionable choices when drunk, or even just has a pulse; it’s an absolute riot.

Being an intimate venue, with good sound and lighting, The Bally at Gluttony is an excellent venue for the one woman show, where Natasha York takes us through stages of drunkenness and, through that, events in her life.

Natasha’s comic timing is impeccable, the song lyrics witty and her ability to engage her audience with her wine soaked narratives makes her the quintessential performer.

There are interesting arrangements of existing songs, parodies of popular tunes and some amusing original material as well – the song about musical theatre boys is particularly funny.

Accompanied by pianist Ben Murray, with whom she has some entertaining dialogue, Natasha’s vocals are rich and strong, perfectly complementing her song choices.

There are a lot of wine puns, hilarious stories, audience interactions and relatable, cringe-worthy tales of boozy bravado; but there is also a considerable amount of light and shade, and some poignant moments where Natasha draws her audience in with candidly tender revelations, which are well timed and sensitively executed.

These Things Take Wine is a nicely structured cabaret piece, which takes the audience on an expedition of self-discovery, and makes you feel a lot better about drinking copious amounts of wine.

Reviewed by Libby Parker for UPSIDE NEWS


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