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Review: After Hours Cabaret Club ★★★★☆

Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of cabaret and burlesque, or a veteran of that world, The After Hours Cabaret Club is sure to delight and entertain with its unique style of bawdy and rambunctious entertainment.

Entering the dimly lit Spiegeltent, with its beautiful wood finishing and stained glass being reminiscent of an old speakeasy, the audience is met with the sultry sounds of jazz being performed by the five-piece band on stage. Accompanying the music is an unruly clown, making her way through the crowd attempting to find a willing participant to help with her juggling. Right away this sets the tone for the fun and carefree night that’s in store.

The show starts with a bang when MC Tash York takes to the stage delivering a sultry reworked version of Beauty and the Beast’s classic tune Be Our Guest, her powerful voice blew the roof off the tent and livened the crowd up, getting them ready for what’s to follow.

One after another, the incredibly talented artists take to the stage presenting a variety of burlesque, cabaret, vaudeville and even circus sideshow acts to thrill their appreciative crowd. They do well to present a mix of entertainment, not merely presenting burlesque (even though that’s the majority of the show), which works well to keep the audience hooked as the show goes on.

The After Hours Cabaret Club features the cream of the crop of local cabaret and burlesque performers. Burlesque Hall of Fame member Betty Bombshell and Green Room Award-winner Betty Grumble make the crowd erupt into a cacophony of hoots and hollers with their adeptly choreographed raucous routines while vaudeville performer David Splatt slows things down with a performances that’s surprisingly touching and absolutely masterful in its construction.

The After Hours Cabaret Club is pure entertainment and artistry. In an age when spectacle is everything with entertainment, this harkens back to a time when spectacle meant talent, and these performers have tonnes of it. The wide variety of acts all flex their different creative muscles, culminating in one of the most wildly entertaining nights out you’re likely to have in quite a while.

By Chris Swan - The Beat Mag


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