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Such Cliche - Winefulness ★★★★★

Nama-wine! Tash York implored us in her one woman show to open our minds to true Winefulness, and we sure did. Just like her previous cabaret shows, Tash invites the audience into her world through parodies and original songs, delving into both the deep and the hilarious moments of life. Throughout her one woman show, Tash, alongside her truly talented accompanist, brought laughter and smiles to all who attended. The lighthearted gags and silly stories brought the audience to fits of laughter, while also connecting them to her story.

Presenting this show in The Parlour at Gluttony, along with the stunning lighting choices, assisted in this by making the atmosphere as intimate as possible.

Winefulness is by far well worth the price of admission. And without a doubt I know Tash York has in fact reached true Winefulness.


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