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Tash York masterfully performs Amy Winehouse and Nancy Sinatra in 'These Things Take Wine' ★★★★☆

Paying absolute homage to everyone’s favourite elixir, These Things Take Wine leads us on a wild journey through police arrests and hungover mornings in the grittiest, yet most entertaining form of cabaret you might have ever seen. Waking up on stage looking a little worse for wear, Tash York quickly captivates the audience with phenomenal vocals and hilarious tales about her relationship with wine. Referring to musical theatre school boys and craving McNuggets only to realise McDonald’s is on the breakfast menu, her stories are not only relatable but absolutely hilarious. Taking on classics with a twist, you’ll hear Tash masterfully perform songs from Amy Winehouse to Nancy Sinatra to Michael Jackson and leave you engrained with the wise message that ‘it doesn’t matter if it’s red or white’. Throw in the brilliant musical talent from pianist Jamie and lots of hidden bottles of wine and this outstanding performance will have you in stitches from start to finish. There is even a power drill involved in this high voltage performance. The act also incorporates a lot of audience participation and will see one lucky viewer experience their very own private wine-infused serenade. Tash is captivating, extremely talented and will immerse you in her musical world and leave you feeling equally as drunk as her. A top tip for any future audience members, and I genuinely mean this, would be to bring some chicken nuggets and you’re bound to quickly become Drunk Tash’s best friend. Of course don’t be tricked into thinking this is in anyway about alcoholism. Though some of her stories are captivating and reveal much deeper layers to this wonderful performer, the ambience is lighthearted, incredibly fun and simply serves to highlight that most people really like wine (and with good reason). This is not your typical cabaret. Whether you like musical performances or not, whether you’re male or female and whether wine is even your preferred beverage this show is definitely one to watch. These Things Take Wine will leave you happily reaching for a glass of vino as soon as it’s over - because, as Tash appropriately reminds us, ‘everything looks better when you’re drunk’. By Tamara Davison

The Beat Magazine


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