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Voice Mag UK - Adulting Review ★★★★★

The beautifully talented Tash York stars in this brilliant show about how terrible she (and the rest of us) is at being an adult. With the skilful Jamie Burgess accompanying her on the piano (and contributing some mildly painful jokes and much more amusing banter), Tash explains the struggles she has faced as an adult through well loved songs for which she has written new - and, in my opinion, improved - lyrics. 

Songs from the likes of Destiny’s Child, Ace of Base and Roberta Flack are rewritten to reflect the disillusionment of adult life; Bruno Mars’ ’24k Magic’ becomes $24k of parking fines, ‘Cruel To Be Kind’ becomes a lesson to parents on how to raise their kids not to expect anything from adulthood, and ‘How Can I Get You Alone’ becomes a celebration of masturbation and the ability to get by alone. 

Tash also blamed Disney for her unrealistic expectations of adulthood, and the medley that followed, which included songs from Aladdin, Moana, Frozen and The Lion King, was my favourite part of the whole show. She has also rewritten some nursery rhymes as modern day raps that contrast the rose-tinted view we have as children of adulthood with the harsh reality. 

With an incredible voice that lends itself beautifully to every genre, Tash is a natural performer, and her charisma and charm are wonderfully endearing. Towards the end of the show came a gorgeous and very touching tribute to her mum, which brought a new dimension to the piece and warmed the audience even more to her.  

As a 19-year-old who is discovering more and more with every passing day that all adults are pretending and no one really knows what they’re doing, I really related to this show, and took great comfort in knowing that everyone else is just as lost as I am. Tash is warm, funny and personable, and the show was one of my favourites of the Fringe. Go and see it - you won’t regret it.

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