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Winefulness - Hifi Way ★★★★★

“In Wine there is Truth, In Wine there is Power” and there is truth and power to anyone who drinks it! Tash York’s new show Winefulness gave you some idea how much she likes wine. She’s even got a winery to sponsor her; Wine Not and yes, it’s a brand. How appropriate! Now all she needs is a sponsor from Macca’s for her chicken nugget obsession. Winefulness is pure Tash York genius. There’s plenty of singing, talking, drinking wine and a new game called Goon of Fortune that I think she invented just so she could take a swig of wine (not that she needs an excuse!) York gives us plenty more of her signature parody of songs like Britney Spear’s Baby One More Time, Toto’s Africa, and a medley of many classic songs that easily relate to wine. They’re catchy and funny and the audience loved it! Like any Tash York show we got to know her personal life a little better with hilarious and at times heartfelt stories of her impending wedding, meeting her biological father for the first time in her 20s and as you do, that one time she got arrested. There was a hilarious medley of “realistic” wedding songs and Goon of Fortune was the funniest game show at this years Fringe. Where else will you find improvised tarot card readings or cat raps as options? Audience participation is required! It’s always fun and laughter hearing York’s life in song. She has a funny and twisted reality when telling a story in song giving us an insight to this crazy yet insanely talented lady’s mind. Ably talking and singing, York’s wine sculling skills during the show far outstrip her…actually nothing was out stripped. Singing, talking and sculling wine…well that’s just inspiring! It’s no secret I enjoy every Tash York show, so I took along some real harsh critics; my friends. So, if you don’t take my word take theirs. They loved it! Laughing and smiling and even getting a little star struck like giddy little schoolgirls wanting to meet her at the end of the show. They gave it 5 stars. Sporting a flatter, less fruity version of a Carmen Miranda headpiece. She sang. She drank. She talked. She conquered. I think there’s plenty of variety in Winefulness. Go see it!


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