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Winefulness - Upside News ★★★★1/2

This Fringe season cabaret performer Tash York is back with her new show Winefulness, and as the title suggests – and the performer herself attests – you can certainly “have your wine and drink it too!”

York opened with the Britney banger ‘Oops I Did it Again’ as she recalls one of her nights in with her beloved cats and copious amounts of vino. She then goes on to do her own take of Eminen’s ‘Lose Yourself’ which navigates the complexities of a yoga session after a night on the booze. Right from the start, York had the audience in the palm of her hand with her relatable wit and vivacious charm.

Highlights included the ‘Goon of Fortune’ which allowed York to showcase her mad improv skills; the cat rap and impromptu tarot card reading through song had the audience in stitches. York, herself about to walk down the aisle, performed a marriage mash-up of some iconic love songs; her delivery cleverly highlighting some of the less favourable aspects of long term love.

It wasn’t all laughs, however, as York reflected on the complex relationship she has with her father, complemented with a searing rendition of REM’s ‘Everybody Hurts’.

York’s ultimate message was one of self love. The performer is clearly loved up and, as such, elements of her single gal sass that were so pertinent in her past shows were missing. Nevertheless, Winefulness is completely and utterly relatable. York’s connection with her audience is undeniable; the performer was hell-bent on them having a good time. As the people poured out of The Parlour with smiles ear to ear, it was clear York achieved her objective. Cheers to that!


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