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Happy Hour - The Age ★★★★

Joy is contagious. So it’s easy to fall in love with the obvious glee with which big-wigged/hearted cabaret host Tash York returns to the Fringe stage after two years lost to the pandemic.

Fresh from Edinburgh Festival, she’s painted the face and donned the non-breathable materials again to bring a big fun show that’s all about holding on to what makes us happy, even when your misery drinking and the cats are trashing the velvet sofa. Accompanied by bedazzling drag daughters Vivian Fontaine (a whiz on the violin) and xxx Peppy Smears tinkling the piano, York hits all the right notes while barnstorming sing-along power ballads from the likes of Celine Dion. And while this saucy trio’s brand of camp fantabulousness is a silly good time, there’s real showbiz skill to how York spins audience suggestions of what they love/hate into a rousing tune on the spot. Catch her if you can. Reviewed by Stephen A Russell

Photo by Jayden Byrne photography.


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