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Adulting : Growing up is hard

Comedy-cabaret star Tash York is on a mission to figure out the in’s and out’s of being a grown up with her brand new show, Adulting at The Butterfly Club for the Melbourne Cabaret Fringe from 11 July 2017.

Starting with it’s origins on twitter the term, Adulting has become a huge online trend basically describing or congratulating oneself for doing ‘grownup things’ – such as holding down a job, paying your bills on time, cooking dinner (that doesn’t just involve putting chicken nuggets in the oven) and even doing your taxes.

Tash York has paved a lot of her cabaret success from her previous award-winning show, These Things Take Wine – which showcased a lot of her own life experiences and this show promises much more of this signature style.

“There seems to be a huge divide as to whether Adulting is a good or bad thing,” says York. “As a person I often don’t make the most ‘Adult’ life choices. What I find interesting though is that society feels the need to comment on the fact that people from my generation aren’t ‘Adult’ enough – well maybe that’s because we’ll never be able to afford to buy a house?”

York is thrilled to join the Butterfly Club’s curated lineup for this Melbourne Cabaret Fringe which is home to some of the best independant work around the country. York is no exception, known for her ballsy voice, dynamic energy she will be sure to provide an evening of matchless comedy-cabaret in her new show, Adulting. Pass up on some smashed avo and buy a ticket to see the show!

Australian Arts Review :


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