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Adulting - The Advertiser Review ★★★★

TASH York delivers Millennial angst about the struggles to adulthood with a ballsy high energy delivery of adults only content.

Through the witty rewording of classic upbeat songs including What Is Love and Cruel To Be Kind there’s something here for everybody on the warts and all journey of an Aussie gal losing her virginity in the back of a van, dating a serial fraudster, racking up 24K in parking fines that equates to 34,285.71 chicken nuggets — survival food of the average “echo boomer” — and loving your mum.

The undoubted climax is a song about “self-love”, Me Time Alone, frenetically sung while wrapped in a sleeping bag.

Backed by the scintillating musical talents of the engaging Jamie Burgess, and with a rollicking voice clearly honed in musical theatre, it’s loud, brash, funny and highly entertaining.

Grown-ups will enjoy it too — but don’t book her for your kid’s birthday party.

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