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Fringe Feed Review Adulting ★★★★

Unpaid parking tickets, not being able to afford a house, finding love on Tinder… what does it truly mean to be an adult in this day and age? Through song, comedy and storytelling, Tash York plans on exploring just that in her show Adulting.

Originally from Melbourne, York is a children’s entertainer and cabaret performer with a background in musical theatre.

In her show, York explores what it means to be an adult, and discusses many of the shared anxieties we have about getting older, and the expectations placed on us as we reach certain ages.

York discusses some deeply personal experiences on her journey into adulthood; getting engaged at 19, reaching 25 and still not feeling quite ready to have kids, and then injects these confessions with hilarious one liners and witty insights.

York’s energy is dazzling, and she captivates the entire room.

York possesses the ability to craft the millennial experience into song, to the tune of titles we all know and love, from Disney’s ‘Part of Your World’ to Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby’.

Her vocal range and ability to switch from pop to rap in a matter of seconds is truly impressive. York has a way with lyrics, able to improvise any given scenario into song… and she does it incredibly well.

No matter what age you are, York is painfully relatable and some of her personal anecdotes resonate with you hard. She reassures us that although yes ‘adulting’ is challenging, all we can do is find something we enjoy doing and stick at it.

She also reminds us that we all share similar struggles which go with becoming an adult, and sometimes struggling is okay.

Relatable, witty, touching and always hilarious, York is a extremely talented singer and entertainer who will have you laughing, reflecting and tapping your feet all at once.


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