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Trash Talk - Everything Adelaide ★★★★★

Words by Your Local Hok.

2020, get in the freaking bin. Get ready for a cabaret show to sum-up the once-in-a-lifetime year that was.

Tash York and The Red Red Wines (aka June Bag and Vino Fountaine): Trash Talk holds nothing back on telling you what they really thought about 2020, through the fabulousness of cabaret.

Self-described as the ‘’ version of Amy Winehouse, Tash wows the audience as she steps out with her trashy creation of a show gown and hair bow made from reusableplastic shopping bags from Coles, immediately marking her stage presence and setting the context for what’s to come.

Performing original songs about all the conspiracy theorists which came out of the woodwork, throwing useless stuff in the trash, Karen’s, mental illnesses, taking no s*** from anyone and embracing you, it’s a show filled with a ton of laughs and highly impressive vocals which will leave you in awe of Tash’s abilities.

Improv songs from audience member suggestions are also a stand-out of the show, calling out to the audience to name things to accomplish when putting together a life plan for the next five years. There’s no real delay from receiving the suggestions to coming up with the songs, making for a seamless and engaging ensemble.

June Bag and Vino Fountaine play a great supportive role in Trash Talk, charming the audience with their sassiness and typical drag queen mannerisms.

As for Tash, she is quintessentially brutal. There’s really no filter when it comes to expressing her thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Being fully vulnerable and expressive to the audience, Tash lets down her hair and unleashes her brash personality in Trash Talk. Tash is best described as a stereotypical Australian in drag form with a whole lot of PVC.

Regular Adelaide Fringe goers will be familiar with Tash, as she continues to make a name for herself in solo shows and featured acts. You’ll also catch her in Petty Bitches (which we’ve seen previously and loved) and After Hours Cabaret Club – LOCK IN this year.

It’s not about talking trash however. After an emotional rollercoaster of a year for many creatives and performing artists, Tash is truly grateful to be able to perform again and leaves the audience with an uplifting song in the closing moments of the show.

We love Tash York, and so will you. She’s drag, she’s Australian, but most of all, she keeps it real.


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